Beer Bag Briefcase Transforms The Traditional Six-Pack

For many, a 6-pack of beer is perfect the way it is. Its fairly reliable cardboard casing is an industry standard and has faced little criticism from beer drinkers. That is until Korean designer Wonchan Lee took it upon himself to completely redesign beer packaging.

This new beer holder was honored at the A’ Design Award & Competition — an international packaging design event. Coined the Leuven, the innovative design differentiates itself from competitors with striking structural components. Inspired by an ice bag, the packaging features two panels with velcro that secure the vacuum sealed PET bags.


Its minimalist design and lightweight materials make the package easier to carry than the typical 6-pack. It’s also surprisingly durable and costs less to produce.

Although the Leuven is a conceptual brand, Wonchan’s intentions were to communicate the product’s high-end appeal and place emphasis on the premium Belgian Beer. The clear bags reveal the beverage and provide an effectively contrasted aesthetic that draws attention to its contents .


The conceptual design project highlights the vast possibilities of beverage packaging. As Wonchan states:

Differentiation is probably the most important factor in packaging these days as packaging is often the only way to appeal and compete with other products on the shelf: it has to stand out among others.

Creative design is a fundamental aspect of brand strategy and greatly influences customers’ product perceptions. To gain market share in such an established industry, it might just take a design like this one to capture public interest.

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Wonchan Lee // A’ Design Award & Competition // Leuven


24k Gold Limited Edition Bike for $1 Million

If you have spare $1 million in your bank and you’re ready to spend them to ultimate luxury bicycle, this 24k gold bike might be what you have been craving. The House of Solid Gold worked closely with Dan Bull, modern pioneer of fat bikes and founder of Iditabike, to create this bespoke bicycle. The Beverly Hills Edition is as lavish as it gets on a pushbike, coating every part in pure 24k gold. It took over 750 hours to complete the whole process, and only 13 bikes will be crafted for keen buyers. Apart from the shiny gold parts, this bike is adorned by THSG emblem featuring 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires, totaling 6.0 carats for the black diamond and 4.5 carats in gold sapphires. To finish off, brown alligator material was selected to wrap the saddle, and chocolate brown stingray material wrapping the water bottle. Lastly, majority of proceeds from the sale of this bike will be donated to global non-profit organization, The Way to Happiness.

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The Tea Cup SlingsHOT Means No More Wet Tea Bags

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to bring peace and relaxation. There is one minor annoyance though – getting every inch of tasty tea out of that tea bag, and well, getting rid of it. The Tea Cup SlingsHOT by Samir Sufi solves both those problems at once. It has a little funnel for you to squeeze every last drop of tea out of the bag without dripping everywhere. It also acts as a place for your old tea bag to rest while you sip your tea.

Samir-Sufi-Tea-Cup-SlingsHOT-1 Samir-Sufi-Tea-Cup-SlingsHOT-2 Samir-Sufi-Tea-Cup-SlingsHOT-3

Tie Tea Mug From Le Mouton Noir & Co

The brilliant Tie Tea Mug designed by George Lee’s le mouton noir & co is designed to tackle one of life’s ugly realities – the lost tea bag floating around somewhere in a piping hot cup of tea. It happens to everyone, just like taxes and death. Using the Tie Tea is just like docking a boat and making sure the dock lines are tied securely to the cleats on the boat. In this case, the boat is your tea bag, and you just need to tie it up to the tab on the mug. Your tea bag is now docked to the mug’s rim, and you won’t have to stick your fingers into a steaming hot liquid trying to get hold of a tea bag that’s making your tea stronger every second it’s still inside.

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Ninja Mug


Drink your favorite beverage with stealth thanks to this Ceramic Ninja Mug. Get in, sip your drink and get out without ever being seen. That is the Ninja way.

This awesome Ninja mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and it will be the coolest mug that you own.


Ceramic Ninja Mug

  • Ninja Mug
  • Perfect mug for any stealth-killing, coffee-drinking machine
  • Includes removable mug wrap (zarf), samurai sword stirrer, and shuriken coaster
  • Capacity: 10 oz.
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: about 3.3″ in diameter
  • Microwave and dishwasher-safe

The Ceramic Ninja Mug is $14.99 from Pretty cute!

Customizable Desk Lamp

Spanish designers, Ferreira and Melande, have come up with a lamp that is flexible and can be shaped by the user. Made out of silicone, the lamp has an electroluminescent polymer screen. In other words, the material emits light when electric current passes through it. Therefore, it does not require a light bulb to function. The iLamp is currently in development, with a “coming soon” label from the designers. The combination material engineering and good design makes this product a promising one to follow.

ilamp-wide-450x395 ilamp-4 ilamp-3 ilamp-2


Ziiiro have been very active lately, just last week we showed you the cool Ziiiro Titan, an original design of the classic pocket watch, now they have presented their latest release, the Ziiiro Eclipse. On this timepiece they have taken their minimalist design to the extreme, the watch displays time on a luminous circle with two small hands indicating the hour and minutes. The Eclipse watch glows with bright illumination in the dark, and is available now in either white, black or grey.

Available in Europe here

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