Colourant, Stunning High Speed Photos of Colorful Liquid Splashes in Natural Settings

In their beautiful photo series “Colourant,” Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto of floto+warner studio photographed splashes of colorful pigment in austere landscapes. To capture the splashes, the duo used a shutter speed of 1/3,200th of a second (no Photoshop trickery was used in the images). And given the natural locations for the series, Warner and Floto used non-toxic, water-based pigments.

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Enchanting and Surreal Wet Plate Collodion Photography by Alex Timmermans

From portraits to surreal scenes that feel as if they were pulled out of some long-lost storybook, the wet plate collodion photography of Alex Timmermans is unlike any we’ve seen or featured before.

Many wet plate photographers prefer to work from their studios, where they have more control over the exposure they are so painstakingly creating, but time and again we’ve seen that some of the most spectacular results come from taking these age-old processes out into the world where their cumbersome nature goes against every trend in photography today.

We saw this earlier in the week with the week when we featured the wet plate street photography of Jonathan Keys, and we see it again today with the wonderfully surreal work of self-taught Dutch photographer Alex Timmermans:

timmons1 timmons2 timmons3 timmons4 timmons5 timmons7 timmons8 timmons9 timmons10 timmons11 timmons12 timmons13 timmons14 timmons15 timmons16

As you might imagine, given his chosen medium, Timmermans doesn’t really care for digital photography. Speaking of the transition from film to digital, he says, “everything became more predictable… too predictable.”

By comparison, wet plate collodion photography is the antithesis to ‘predictability.’ Little twists of fate, chemistry and even weather often lead to surprising results, and this element of serendipity delights Timmermans as much today as it did the first time he took a wet plate photograph.

To learn more about the man or look through the rest of his captivating collodion portfolio, head over to his website by clicking here.

Anna Marinenko connects nature and noise for sound form wave

ukrainian designer anna marinenko has drawn a symbolic and visual connection between noise and nature for ‘sound form wave’. while studying outdoor vistas, marinenko observed the aesthetic similarity between the oscillating heights of mountains, trees and skylines and the waveforms of music. she has composed a series of graphic expressions which compare the two otherwise disparate images side-by-side, matching them together into a single picture. reflections of forested areas into rivers and cityscapes mirrored in the water are linked to the undulating linear illustrations of the highs and lows of sound; ocean ripples moving away from a speed boat, tall strands of grass, clouds and boats also correlate to the musical patterns.

anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-03 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-11 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-09 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-08 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-07 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-06 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-05 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-01 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-04 anna-marinenko-nature-sound-waves-designboom-02

Here Come The Gotham Bunnies!

The cosplay community is full of imaginative, creative, and talented folks who put their heart and soul into costuming, using their wide variety of skills to create spot on versions of their favorite characters.

Cosplayers live to play roles, and create new characters for their geeky fans to adore, and one of the newest and most fun original incarnations are the Bunnies, based on the Playboy Bunnies of the past.

We’ve seen the Avengers and Doctor Who themed Bunnies, but these Gotham Bunnies (based on the artwork of Oskar Vega) take the concept to a whole new level of awesome!

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