Creative Artist Robert DeJesus Turns Strangers’ Photographs Into Anime-Inspired Sketches

US-based artist Robert DeJesus has been accepting commissions by strangers to draw Japanese anime-inspired portraits of themselves based on photographs they submit.
Using pencil, DeJesus incorporates the typical visual characteristics of an anime character—like large eyes, big hair and exaggerated expressions—into his drawings.
To view more of his works, click here.

Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_02 Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_01 4 mDl8YXc Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_10 5FV4Jq2 uQw0dGz Xy7hpFp 9ALu8vg yez6VLu HYexRTW daz6haB XLGenu4 WXq8BBy WatoaWM slOXygT o5lVzSJ Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_04 Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_09 Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_032 Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_071 bOM4Wga 3 3waXULY 2 5 6 6A1ufos Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_06 8xrTPAn Creative_Artist_Robert_DeJesus_Turns_Strangers_Photographs_Into_Anime_Inspired_Sketches_2014_05


Cool Illustrations of Popular Music Icon

Music is part of my life. It gets boring if I’m not listening to my favorite playlist whenever I’m travelling, especially when I am just going to work. Music lovers definitely knew what I am saying. Right? That’s why today I will showcase you the work of Raul Gomez and Raquel Jove who made a cool illustration project of famous celebrities from music world that will make you remember them.

72b1ec8d55a4a58dac233f028c200342 7aa9245e70295a1f114be8a67fb34fe2 5136f41e7c38b82e2a0b3a30fcf7d57b 295bf1c9a80dce51e5cceb10541c2170 c9fc25af9de7cf2f75f34e39104e9913 fb4ff08a75c2ceabf2a99fd06a7650ae ed2818d73d5974d174133019a4cb1b45 171208e11e755c0f8ab37a10084d3ff4 5003ee296e84b1944e1e97bdb47ffb51 919e224384d1b02b4e27751237a0cc54 06f2c0ddf2dc284733373b861d4febdd f303d3f394a50859a9ae10494f524a97

For more of their outstanding designs and illustrations, feel free to check Raul Gomez website, Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit Raquel Jove Facebook, Pinterest and Dribble for their work updates.

Funny and Clever T-Shirt illustration Designs by Chow Hon Lam

When I buy t-shirts I usually check the design first. I look at how it was printed and if it looks good for my tastes. I love simple designs; especially designs that are witty and humorous. I think that’s makes things much cooler, eh?

One of the nicest t-shirt designs I’ve seen is from Chow Hon Lam also known as Flying Mouse, a tee shirt designer and illustrator from Malaysia that has the wittiest ideas that will definitely make you happy when you have his designs printed in your shirt.

2d740b2c1787ee3306c82e1467aef926 ecf7c060ffe242f7e586b7f7ed94b695 e02e243ba187d5c2a718aeab4c434504 dbfe8d1d5ac53d6376cc018d2cf45d4c bacb331b09efc9df6feff845adf1a129 57365853e36816a98f6dcc11d3c5ea39 562165c07aa5a51d236afe2b74af15d4 72fb989497eacea71516c8c28ed92e51 25f3d56ba90a113b777428f37dec23f8 8ecf8ddd224ec57776c9005c665b783d 6ecfb788e69418c7b65ea3c36b8e35ee 5aca2b371ca3e4fbecbd20269ff83779 4ab26b6bc150a701fbc3d964e7988830 4a1bfdd6d924ea30900560a4b2c41a01 24910d2c33123198cf45388239f0dfcd 9135a0f15f4c8657640b3f9fefe09b95 469bacdc4978f0aef2905285e00cc2db c0250f210c0ebf3e41d69e03845e5153 bbec2ce94e132295a06d6dc295341e80 a604fd34da680deca4b78867163aaf6e 9da9d2242fbad5b10607109022f5056a 1d764e880b0f91511ef57e9e37b9ed05 1a2d41bb6f25e5a5e0f117aa0a7de0c5

Cute Illustrations of Pop Culture Characters and their Sidekicks

Andry Rajoelina, more commonly known as “Andry-Shango“, is a designer in the animation industry based in Paris, France. He created a series of fantastic illustrations called “Super Families” where he showed some of our favourite pop culture characters and superheroes with their sidekicks.

Each illustration depicts a character that we all know and love as either a young kid or a grown-up parent. The characters seem to be walking their kids to school because of the backpacks they carry. Even with their backs turned to us, each character is easily recognizable with their familiar and unmistakable outfits.

As a late father’s day treat, featured below are some of our favourite characters with their dads (and uncle for Peter Parker).

amazing_uncle_by_andry_shango-d6bk7mm aquadad_by_andry_shango-d65npde-870x870 arrowdadsd_by_andry_shango-d65nplp-870x870 batdad_by_andry_shango-d4y86qa-870x910 breaking_dad_by_andry_shango-d6q0qyz cosmic_dad_by_andry_shango-d6bk80b big_dad_by_andry_shango-d6wlql8-870x870 cowabundad_by_andry_shango-d6wls5u-870x870 dad_from_the_future_by_andry_shango-d6wlqyz-870x870 family_assemble__by_andry_shango-d6bk7bh uncanny_dad_by_andry_shango-d6bk7tj superdad_by_andry_shango-d65npu8-870x870 fastest_dad_alive_by_andry_shango-d65nppx-870x870 magnetic_dad_by_andry_shango-d6bk7wp sad__lanterndad_by_andry_shango-d65npo7-870x870 mogwai_dad_by_andry_shango-d6wls2q-870x870

Head over to deviantART and see more of Andry’s wonderful work. You can also follow him on Facebook or Tumblr.