A $185,000 Onyx Sofa

This is the $185,000! Onyx Sofa from Peugeot. It measures 3-meters (~10-feet) long, 800-pounds, and is made from a chunk of volcanic rock and carbon fiber. Cool?

A-185-000-Onyx-Sofa A-185-000-Onyx-Sofa_1 A-185-000-Onyx-Sofa-1 peugeot-design-lab-onyx-sofa-008


A Working Desk For Two & A Dining Table For Six

With the kitchen being the heart of the home, the dining table is a vital piece of furniture. When we’re not eating at it, we’re doing work or the kids are doing homework, so we’re constantly going back and forth between our various needs. However, most dining tables aren’t designed to really work for anything other than eating. Enter the Table for Two. Talk about multifunctional – the Table for Two, designed by Daniel Liss, combines multiple functions into one. It not only acts as a working desk for two people, it’s also a spacious dining table for six.

Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-1 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-2 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-3 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-3a Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-4 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-5 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-6 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-7

Fold by Nendo

Fold is a minimalist design created by Tokyo-based design firm, Nendo. The shelving unit is composed of interlocking wooden boards that are oriented in different positions. The Japanese manufacturer Conde House is responsible for its manufacture. The boards seamlessly melt together as if there is no origin or end to where the construction begins.

leibal_fold_nendo_1 leibal_fold_nendo_8 leibal_fold_nendo_9 leibal_fold_nendo_10 leibal_fold_nendo_4-500x559 leibal_fold_nendo_5

Quad Micro Bar

The QMB by Joe Warren is a micro bar that can be used for a variety of social seating occasions such as dining, enjoying micro brews, wine tasting or as an espresso bar. Currently, bars and chairs are cumbersome space consuming assemblies that take up extra space when the chairs are not in use. The micro bar offers us with a better option of social interaction. Invite 2-3 friends to your home and talk over coffee in your courtyard on weekends.

Quad-Micro-Bar-1 Quad-Micro-Bar

Four Brothers by Seungji Mun

4brothers_seungjimun_01 4brothers_seungjimun_02 4brothers_seungjimun_03 4brothers_seungjimun_04 4brothers_seungjimun_06 4brothers_seungjimun_07 4brothers_seungjimun_08 4brothers_seungjimun_10 4brothers_seungjimun_12 Print

“We planned this project named ‘Four Brothers’. This means that we can make four intact chairs with no loss in one wooden plate.

The size of wooden plate which can be bought in the market is 4*8(2400*1200). We made the new design so that all pieces of wooden plate can work for function of the chair. So, this design does not make wastage of material. We have made four designs and customers can select the design according to their taste and requirements. Furthermore, this design enables to make 4 chairs by using not only one design but also four designs.

This ‘Four Brothers’ can do the function of general chairs perfectly. It is not a simple design like the chair which does not include back of the chair such as a stool. So it is comfortable even though we use them for long time.

Likewise, Four Brothers is able to make mass production without waste of materials. Also, they could reduce labor cost by CNC (computer numerical control). This kind of simple work produces one chair so people can save their times, assets, and technologies. Therefore they can do mass production with the same amount of money. That’s why it is beneficial to communities and public institutions which do not pursue its own interests.

Our project is suitable for many places such as hall holding performance, lecture, and benches in park. We are sure that it is also good for cafe or bar because design in itself has difference to existing products.

‘Four Brothers’ is eco-friendly composed of material to working process and only use conventional techniques to realize this project. We do not need any special techniques. Lastly, we can obtain a lot of products through low capital.”

Words and images: Courtesy of Seungji Mun

SEER table by Matthew Bridges

The second project I am presenting today is the SEER table designed by British designer Matthew Bridges and on display at the Tent London during the London Design Festival. A simple and at the same time refined structure, handcrafted in oak wood, American black walnut or with European oak veneer. Clean lines capable of giving birth to an original design with innovative features that allow you, in a few seconds, to expand the usable area of the table, increasing from four to eight seats. A simple and intuitive operation, that can be activated with a single hand, which through a rolling mechanism of the base allows the lifting of the four upper parts, and as a flower blooming, the opening reveals a new surface. An elegant piece of furniture perfect for those who appreciate the craftsmanship and the attention to detail and look for a space-saving solution for a modern and flexible house. For those who wants to know more, on the site of the designer you can watch a video showing in 30 seconds all the potential of SEER and its simplicity of use.

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