Sensational Gunning Point Villa With Triple-Height Glazed Living Room

This contemporary home in Falmouth, MA, United States takes full advantage of its privileged coastline location. The sensational Gunning Point villa with extensive glazing accommodates three bedrooms and is currently listed for sale at $3,475,000. The traditional roof in wood shingles elegantly contrasts the large windows, inspiring a welcoming holiday retreat. The most spectacular feature of the project is a soaring three-story glass-walled living/dining room, unparalleled in its ability to sweep in a 180 degree view of the coastline and Bay. As you step inside, you are greeted by surprising decors: “It’s like gazing off the bow of a ship. Decks spill from this room to provide outside enjoyment of the views. Yet, as you enter the chef’s kitchen/great room, you become enveloped in a large, casual space designed for cooking, friends, and comfort. The expansive Master Suite with fireplace opens onto a roof-level balcony, providing the mesmerizing sound of the waves and the seagulls”. The bedrooms and bathrooms offer a peaceful ambiance. Deeded rights to the Gunning Point Beach complete this beautiful property.

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House in Vitacura by Izquierdo Lehmann

Contemporary concrete residence designed by Izquierdo Lehmann for a wealthy senior couple located on top of a hill in Santiago, Chile.

001-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 002-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 003-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 004-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 005-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 006-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 007-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 008-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 009-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 010-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 011-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 012-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 013-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann

A big house for a wealthy senior couple and the gathering of their numerous family, placed on top of a hill, as a belvedere commanding magnificent views over the Andes mountains surrounding Santiago and the city valley below.

The living rooms, dining room, kitchen, and a bedroom wing were placed in one flat floor, along with the entrance patio and garage, at the upper part of the site. A basement beneath the main floor contains a playroom and an interior pool at a lower side of the site, with views in south direction over the city valley. At the same level but in front of the main floor extended pavillion was placed an exterior pool and a barbecue lounge, in circular patio open towards the east to the great mountain chain view. This terrace is partly roofed by a flat semi-circular lawn which forms a garden plan in front of the house main floor pavillion, as a belvedere.

The building is made of fine finished beige tinted concrete, exposed at the exterior and insulated on the white painted interiors. It was made using a patented building method of our own, consisting of prefabricated structural wall panels that integrate a rigid structural wired cage and lightweight plywood forms that are fastened directly to it.

014-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 015-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 016-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 017-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 018-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 019-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann 020-house-vitacura-izquierdo-lehmann

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Bartlett Residence by Sarco Architects

This beautiful modern residence embraced by nature is located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It was designed in 2008 by Sarco Architects for the Bartlett family.

001-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 003-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 004-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 005-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 006-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 007-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 010-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 011-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 009-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 008-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 012-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 013-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 015-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects 014-bartlett-residence-sarco-architects

Description by Sarco Architects

Bartlett residence is a modern home that adapts and responds to a sharply sloping site. A very linear home, it manages privacy and scale from the road and openness towards the ocean view.

Photography by Gerardo Marín E.

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Leobo Private Reserve – Luxury Safari House in South Africa

Leobo Private Reserve is a completely private 20,000 acre estate based in the beautiful Waterberg mountains, 3 hours drive north of Johannesburg and home to the award winning ‘Observatory Bush Villa’ – probably the most stunning safari house in Africa not only from an architectural and style perspective but also as a fantastic home for families and small groups.

Owned by an English family as their private home and only recently available on  a limited commercial basis, the reserve is rented on an exclusive basis only. You don’t share it with any other guests; it’s your playground for the duration of your stay.

We don’t offer timetabled game drives, rigid programs or meals at set times. Of course you can go on game drives whenever you like, day or night – whenever suits you. But Leobo Reserve is for people who want a bit more out of life than a bunch of Kodak shots of the Big Five. You can do anything if you like. Just ask.

We’ll give you the opportunity to enjoy a life experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come. You don’t need to be mad or crazy or an adrenalin junkie. Just an individual, a couple, or a bunch of friends who truly believe in enjoying themselves.

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Impressive Contemporary House Embracing Nature in Dominican Republic

Chilean architectural studio VASHO designed an impressive contemporary house in Dominican Republic, for a group of 18 people eager to explore this gem called nature. Located on a steep slope of land, the property follows the natural curve of the face of the hill. Partially hidden into the ground, to avoid creating a strong impact upon the viewer, the house is an environment that fully opens to the paradisiacal surroundings and embraces nature in all its aspects. Designed as an open space with dining and kitchen included, the living room follows the natural surface of the hill, blending seamlessly with the existing natural geography of the place. Each bedroom features individual bathrooms and study areas. The terrace encompasses the entire living area, accommodating also a small jacuzzi integrated in the plan of the house for relaxation purposes. Natural materials were used to deliver an overall rustic environment, without abandoning though, the modern look.

 “The act of burying the house in the hill not only touches the aesthetic aspect but also the sustainable aspect. The green roof allows for more insulation as far as direct heat from the sun is concerned. Its rear face is in contact with the rock of the hill creating a cooling phenomenon known as thermal inertia that consists of a basic physical action; The temperature of a body of lesser volume equals that of a greater volume when these two bodies are in contact.”

Contemporary-house- Back-of-the-house-and-hill House-wood-and-stone Lovely-Secluded-house-in-Dominican-Republic Vegetation-and-house-structure Green-contemporary-home Evening-view- Details-House-first-floor Details-breezy-spacious-terrace Ceiling-cut-out Rustic-features-wooden-ceiling pool-and-lush-vegetation Perfect-relaxing-moment Moment-of-relaxation Interior-simple-and-rustic Stairs Terrace-and-interior Terrace-and-water-pool VIew-pool Terrace-view-and-pool wood-and-stone-throughout-the-house site-plan House-elevations Sections-house Roof-plan First-floor-plan

Upstate Lake Camp, New York

Our latest weekend retreat dream is this stunning rustic waterfront cabin in Upstate Lake Camp – New York. It was designed by rustic dwellings experts, Pearson Design Group, a company that specialises in projects from large multi-structure ranch and family camps to intimate, highly detailed retreats such as this. Not much more info on the project, but it sure looks like the perfect getaway from hectic New York city life.

upstate-lake-camp-pearson-design-group upstate-lake-camp-pearson-design-group-7 upstate-lake-camp-pearson-design-group-2 upstate-lake-camp-pearson-design-group-3 upstate-lake-camp-pearson-design-group-4 upstate-lake-camp-pearson-design-group-5 upstate-lake-camp-pearson-design-group-6