Stampd Zipper Leather Caps

Luxury streetwear brand Stampd unveil a pair of premium leather snapback caps. Constructed from supple lambskin leather and featuring a trio of horizontal YKK zippers, the caps come in both black and white colorways with subtle branded embroidery above the rear snap closure. Look for them now over at Stampd’s online shop.

stampd-la-zipper-leather-caps-1 stampd-la-zipper-leather-caps-2


Stampd Liberty Mesh Hat


Monochrome clothing specialist Stampd just dropped its latest piece of dome-coverage, the freedom-saluting Liberty Mesh Hat. Constructed from soft cotton twill with a textured mesh overlay, the cap sports a continuous ring of embroidered white stars around the rim – 11 in total – along with a black leather bill and subtle logo above the back snaps. Freshness guaranteed, you can cop it right now via their website.

Hard Graft Wool Flat Pack

One part backpack, one part attache, the new Hard Graft Wool Flat Pack is a commuter-conscious carry-all for your daily back-and-forth. It is designed in typical Hard Graft fashion, which means there’s nothing typical about it– fine vegetable-tanned leather and Italian wool come together with hand-crafted care. The new Flat Pack will carry a laptop, a notepad, a book and a few other business utensils and it’ll look dashing in the process. No bulky briefcase encumbrances, no backpack stigma, just high-style transit for your technical goods. The Hard Graft Flat Pack is shipping now from around $368 USD.
Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-1 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-2 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-3 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-4 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-5 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-6 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-7 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-8 Hard-Graft-Wool-Flat-Pack-9

Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch

The Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch tells a romantic tale of time for the world traveler.  The first dial can be set to the local time wherever you may find yourself– Paris, Beijing, New York.  The second dial can be set to a constant, the hours and minutes your loved one is experiencing back home.  The Long Distance watch could be used for many applications– perhaps the time zones of a business’s offices on either coast.  We see it in a much more romantic light, however, for a traveler to remember what he or she is leaving back at home.  $480 at Kitmen Keung.
Kitmen-Keung-Long-Distance-Watch-6 Kitmen-Keung-Long-Distance-Watch-5 Kitmen-Keung-Long-Distance-Watch-4 Kitmen-Keung-Long-Distance-Watch-3-960x640 Kitmen-Keung-Long-Distance-Watch-2-960x640 Kitmen-Keung-Long-Distance-Watch-1-960x640

Xeriscope Watch

Our friends at Watchismo have taken the step from curators to creators, having officially revealed a new mechanical watch of their own inspiration, the Xeriscope.  This is a new breed of mechanical timepiece, a watch designed with modern inspiration and timeless appeal, that runs on mechanical systems that are at the forefront of its design.  The Xeriscope by Xeric, the new brand from Mitch and Andrew Greenblatt at, is now moving from prototype to reality on Kickstarter.

Funding for the Xeriscope Watch has far eclipsed the $40,000 that Xeric had outlined for manufacturing the prototype.  However, many rewards still remain for backers who wish to secure an early (and special edition) version of the Xeriscope.  Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about this incredible new mechanical watch, its story, and how you can be a part of its future.

Xeriscope-RoseGold-HaloHand XS3014-Crown-Hero XS3014-Hero-34 XS3016-Crown-Hero XS3016-Hero-34 XS3017-Hero-Crown XS3018-Hero-Crown XS3019-Hero-34 XS3019-Hero-Crown

The Finest Swiss Watchmaking Techniques Went Into This—Belt Buckle?

original original (1)

Most men don’t pay enough attention to one of the most important parts of their wardrobe: their belt buckle. A plummeting pair of trousers can be far more than just embarrassing, so why trust a hole punched in a leather strap when Roland Iten has created a belt buckle that’s been engineered to hold strong using Swiss watchmaking techniques.

The Bugatti-branded buckle features hand-crafted gears, cogs, springs, and pinions that allow the belt buckle to be infinitely adjusted for an absolutely perfect fit. And with materials like lightweight titanium used in its construction, there’s no risk of the buckle itself dragging down your trousers.

There is a catch, of course. With the Bugatti branding and all the care that’s gone into this belt buckle’s design, only 44 of the R22 Mark I are being created. And each one will set you back a disheartening $84,000. But who could ever prioritize a down payment on a house over the guarantee your pants will always stay up?

R22MKI_bugatti03 IMG_technicalR22