Lovely CG Sculptures by Guzz Soares

I really enjoy seeing badass sculptures… but it’s totally rad when an artist comes up with clay looking 3D sculptures like these by Brazilian artist Guzz Soares. These are so detailed that they actually got fingerprint marks on them, which is mindblowing! Kudos to the artist for such attention to detail!

These are only a handful of Guzz’s artworks. For more of his pieces, please visit his portfolio at Artstation. He’ll definitely like it! Enjoy.

guzz-soares-jack guzz-soares-heisenberg guzz-soares-lazy-day guzz-soares-mario guzz-soares-roadrunner guzz-soares-gaga guzz-soares-flapjack guzz-soares-finn-jake guzz-soares-eliza guzz-soares-amy guzz-soares-bean guzz-soares-chunlee guzz-soares-03 guzz-soares-05 guzz-soares-goku guzz-soares-michael guzz-soares-voldemort guzz-soares-hermione

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