Classic Video Games in the Real World by Victor Sauron

Graphic artist Victor Sauron has created this cool series of illustrations, where iconic scenes from 8-bit video games have been spliced into real-world locations reflecting their original setting. Characters from childhood favorites like Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter have been placed onto real life photos, with brilliant results. Check out the charming, nostalgic images above and remember a time absent of the pressures of the modern world.

real-bits-art-series-by-victor-sauron-01-960x640 real-bits-art-series-by-victor-sauron-2-960x640 real-bits-art-series-by-victor-sauron-3-960x640 real-bits-art-series-by-victor-sauron-6-960x640 real-bits-art-series-by-victor-sauron-7-960x640 real-bits-art-series-by-victor-sauron-4-960x640 real-bits-art-series-by-victor-sauron-5-960x640


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