A Closer Look at En Noir’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

En Noir‘s most recent Spring/Summer 2014 collection furthers designer Rob Garcia’s monochromatic minimalistic approach to luxury sportswear, with a slight twist of color and fabrics. This season’s staple pieces have been converted with neoprene and other fabric treatments and earn an infusion of color. The brand also manages to infuse technology into the collection using 3D photorealism embroidery on shorts, T-shirts and bomber jackets. Here, we take a closer look at the collection’s pleated T-shirt and shorts, racing jacket, and Coal Wasteland shirt and sweats. It should be noted that the pleated pieces and the racing jacket feature a Cagnes body with Chardon sleeves and leather piping. The En Noir Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available at Barneys New York, Riccardi, The Webster, Patron of the New, amongst other retailers.

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