Cute Illustrations of Pop Culture Characters and their Sidekicks

Andry Rajoelina, more commonly known as “Andry-Shango“, is a designer in the animation industry based in Paris, France. He created a series of fantastic illustrations called “Super Families” where he showed some of our favourite pop culture characters and superheroes with their sidekicks.

Each illustration depicts a character that we all know and love as either a young kid or a grown-up parent. The characters seem to be walking their kids to school because of the backpacks they carry. Even with their backs turned to us, each character is easily recognizable with their familiar and unmistakable outfits.

As a late father’s day treat, featured below are some of our favourite characters with their dads (and uncle for Peter Parker).

amazing_uncle_by_andry_shango-d6bk7mm aquadad_by_andry_shango-d65npde-870x870 arrowdadsd_by_andry_shango-d65nplp-870x870 batdad_by_andry_shango-d4y86qa-870x910 breaking_dad_by_andry_shango-d6q0qyz cosmic_dad_by_andry_shango-d6bk80b big_dad_by_andry_shango-d6wlql8-870x870 cowabundad_by_andry_shango-d6wls5u-870x870 dad_from_the_future_by_andry_shango-d6wlqyz-870x870 family_assemble__by_andry_shango-d6bk7bh uncanny_dad_by_andry_shango-d6bk7tj superdad_by_andry_shango-d65npu8-870x870 fastest_dad_alive_by_andry_shango-d65nppx-870x870 magnetic_dad_by_andry_shango-d6bk7wp sad__lanterndad_by_andry_shango-d65npo7-870x870 mogwai_dad_by_andry_shango-d6wls2q-870x870

Head over to deviantART and see more of Andry’s wonderful work. You can also follow him on Facebook or Tumblr.


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