Beer Bag Briefcase Transforms The Traditional Six-Pack

For many, a 6-pack of beer is perfect the way it is. Its fairly reliable cardboard casing is an industry standard and has faced little criticism from beer drinkers. That is until Korean designer Wonchan Lee took it upon himself to completely redesign beer packaging.

This new beer holder was honored at the A’ Design Award & Competition — an international packaging design event. Coined the Leuven, the innovative design differentiates itself from competitors with striking structural components. Inspired by an ice bag, the packaging features two panels with velcro that secure the vacuum sealed PET bags.


Its minimalist design and lightweight materials make the package easier to carry than the typical 6-pack. It’s also surprisingly durable and costs less to produce.

Although the Leuven is a conceptual brand, Wonchan’s intentions were to communicate the product’s high-end appeal and place emphasis on the premium Belgian Beer. The clear bags reveal the beverage and provide an effectively contrasted aesthetic that draws attention to its contents .


The conceptual design project highlights the vast possibilities of beverage packaging. As Wonchan states:

Differentiation is probably the most important factor in packaging these days as packaging is often the only way to appeal and compete with other products on the shelf: it has to stand out among others.

Creative design is a fundamental aspect of brand strategy and greatly influences customers’ product perceptions. To gain market share in such an established industry, it might just take a design like this one to capture public interest.

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Wonchan Lee // A’ Design Award & Competition // Leuven


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