Here Come The Gotham Bunnies!

The cosplay community is full of imaginative, creative, and talented folks who put their heart and soul into costuming, using their wide variety of skills to create spot on versions of their favorite characters.

Cosplayers live to play roles, and create new characters for their geeky fans to adore, and one of the newest and most fun original incarnations are the Bunnies, based on the Playboy Bunnies of the past.

We’ve seen the Avengers and Doctor Who themed Bunnies, but these Gotham Bunnies (based on the artwork of Oskar Vega) take the concept to a whole new level of awesome!

SQBbmUD E1Sf757 BmHGwDm BdDkXOz AxaOnXJ ENZBehE sVMH4j5 JjuJpyo E4WrFGQ UTNyx5J uuRVjHZ ZoRzlH1 nfPKGXE 3vgimF5 wWZRwGN z2bEmLf kUKUBdR cUw8H2m


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