Disney Characters in Unfortunate Real World Situations

How can Disney’s characters live in real world? New York City-based storyboard and animation artist Jeff Hong has created Unhappily Ever After, a photos series of well-known Disney characters in unfortunate real world situations.

The series montages what might be the day-to-day lives of the disney company if they experienced the real world, overcome by traumas and tribulations. Examples include red-haired ariel, the little mermaid, emerging from the sea covered in a polluted sludge, not quite unlike the unfortunate images of underwater creatures cloaked in slime from oil spills; The ‘drink me’ potion notorious from the adventures of alice in wonderland has led her down a tragic path of drug abuse and narcotic dependency; The lovable bambi is mounted in an ostentatious living room as a hunting trophy.

Unhappily-Ever-After-001 Unhappily-Ever-After-002 Unhappily-Ever-After-004 Unhappily-Ever-After-003 Unhappily-Ever-After-005 Unhappily-Ever-After-006 Unhappily-Ever-After-007 Unhappily-Ever-After-008 Unhappily-Ever-After-009 Unhappily-Ever-After-010 Unhappily-Ever-After-011 Unhappily-Ever-After-012 Unhappily-Ever-After-013 Unhappily-Ever-After-014


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