Two-Storey House Split in Two by Carterwilliamson Architects

Green-House-in-Sydney Compact-home-back-of-the-house

When we spot an interesting, worth-mentioning project, we share it on Freshome. Why? Because we want you guys to get the best design and architecture insights. With this being said, we want to present you the house of a florist, a two-storey dwelling constructed by Carterwilliamson Architects, last year, in Rozelle region, West Sydney, Australia. Simply dubbed the Green House, the dwelling distinguishes itself through an energy-saving program and a strong sense of connection with the external spaces. “The collaboration with Melissa Wilson Landscape Architects maximised the potential of the outdoor spaces and addressed a variety of tricky microclimates. It included the creation of bespoke timber garden boxes that hang in the shady, green courtyard, adding to the lush feel of the space.” The kitchen, living and dining engage with the courtyard-like garden encouraging a breezy living. At the rear, the house is split in two by an internal lightwell, to disperse light throughout the entire living area. Exterior is coated in glass mosaic tiles and brick work, adding texture and colour. After all, aesthetics matters when it comes to designing the house of an artist. Along with the social area, the house accommodates also a home office, significantly reducing the frequency of the client’s commute, a quiet and restful bedroom and a contemplative library, both located at the top floor.

Open-space-living-room-and-kitchen Narrow-green-hallway Kitchen-view Kitchen-and-terrace Inspiring-openness1 Swimming-pool-back-of-the-house Courtyard-experience Bedroom-with-mezzanine First-level-plan Roof-plan Ground-plan Section-Green-House


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