A Working Desk For Two & A Dining Table For Six

With the kitchen being the heart of the home, the dining table is a vital piece of furniture. When we’re not eating at it, we’re doing work or the kids are doing homework, so we’re constantly going back and forth between our various needs. However, most dining tables aren’t designed to really work for anything other than eating. Enter the Table for Two. Talk about multifunctional – the Table for Two, designed by Daniel Liss, combines multiple functions into one. It not only acts as a working desk for two people, it’s also a spacious dining table for six.

Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-1 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-2 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-3 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-3a Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-4 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-5 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-6 Table-For-Two-Daniel-Liss-7


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