Stunning Chilean Beach Home

Architects Alvaro Ramirez and Clarisa Elton created a contemporary beach house style abode in the beachy city of Buchupureo, Chile. It’s a two piece structure that sits just off of a hillside looking down into the crashing ocean waves.

The home is small, yet features breathtaking panoramic Pacific Ocean views and an indoor/outdoor mixture that can’t be beat in the moderate climate. The architects of this home created a separation of space, with public versus private areas sectioned off and separated by a covered, albeit separate outdoor terrace. Walk across the way and you’ve got yourself a whole other side of the ocean to view.

Pine and flagstone materials were used in conjunction with the interior finishes and plenty of glazing to accommodate a unique structure such as this, with fully open doors and walls to really take in the salty ocean air.

Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-4 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-3 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-2 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-1 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-5 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-6 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-7 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-8 Stunning-Chilean-Beach-Home-9


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