Doe Run Estate

Doe Run Estate is a renovation project completed by Nuno R P Cruz and located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The project offers a modern reinterpretation of the historic stone structures to reconfigure and connect interior and exterior spaces.

Located on 640 acres of agricultural land in rural Pennsylvania, this private estate includes buildings dating back to the early 1800s. Encompassing 14 buildings, the estate includes a main house with an orangerie, an adjacent yoga studio, three guesthouses, a dining hall with a commercial kitchen, barns (including a milking parlor, cheese processing facility, and cheese caves) and various agricultural buildings, greenhouses, gardens, and orchards. As a sustainable and aesthetic measure, the designers reused salvaged materials throughout, including potting shed timbers and brick and greenhouse casework and doors.

Doe-Run-Estate_20600_396 Doe-Run-Estate_19600_404 Doe-Run-Estate_18600_396 Doe-Run-Estate_17600_900 Doe-Run-Estate_1600_399 Doe-Run-Estate_2600_396 Doe-Run-Estate_3600_399 Doe-Run-Estate_4600_399 Doe-Run-Estate_5600_900 Doe-Run-Estate_6600_880 Doe-Run-Estate_7600_900 Doe-Run-Estate_8600_403 Doe-Run-Estate_9600_905 Doe-Run-Estate_10600_399 Doe-Run-Estate_11600_396 Doe-Run-Estate_12600_903 Doe-Run-Estate_13600_900 Doe-Run-Estate_14600_900 Doe-Run-Estate_15600_399 Doe-Run-Estate_16600_393


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