Naked Bodies Optical Illusion

Nothing is what it seems, thought the French photographer Olivier Valsecchi while creating this photo series called Klecksography.
The human body has been used many times to create art, but not in this unsual way of creating optical illusions with naked human bodies.
On some photos you even have to look twice to see how they actually created that shape, this is how remarkable it is.

Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-1 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-2 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-3 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-4 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-10 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-9 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-8 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-7 Naked-Bodies-Optical-Illusions-6

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