Eyejusters: Self-Adjustable Glasses

Eyejusters are self-adjustable glasses designed to provide vision to the world. The Oxford-based company has devoted themselves to driving down the cost of getting a pair of glasses, by eliminating the need for lenses to be prescribed. A knob on the side of the frame allows the user to adjust the focus of the glasses. What happens is two lenses slide over each other, adjusting the strength as if you’re looking through one lens. This effectively creates a dynamic pair of glasses, where the optimal focus for a specific distance can always be found. The lenses are also designed with built-in UVA and UVB protection to block out harmful rays that strain the eyes.

eyejusters-self-adjustable-glasses-01-450x291 eyejusters-self-adjustable-glasses-06 eyejusters-self-adjustable-glasses-02 eyejusters-self-adjustable-glasses-03 eyejusters-self-adjustable-glasses-04


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