Z-shaped clothes hanger easily fits through the neck hole

Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_9 Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_8 Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_6 Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_5 Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_4

Gazel designed the Z-shaped Gazelle hanger to make the process of removing clothes from storage quicker and more convenient. Instead of rising from the centre of the hanger like in traditional models, the handle is shifted to one side as continuation of one of the arms, then folded back on itself to form the hook. When the garment needs to be taken off, the handle is slid to the other side of the shirt until one corner becomes free from the garment’s shoulder and pokes out of the neck. The rest of the hanger can then be lifted out through the head hole without stretching the material. “With this design we’ve tried to bring a flicker of joy to an interaction often seen as mundane or awkward,” Gazel founders Ronan Murphy and Kevin Doherty. “We think that this flicker of joy is actually quite important: it can be the spark for a happier and more fulfilling day in general.” Hung on a rail, the hanger balances level when loaded with a garment and gently tilts when not is use. The design retains the horizontal bar for storing trousers.

The product will be exhibited at the Home homeware and accessories buying event, taking place at the Earls Court 2 in London from 12 to 14 January 2014.

Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_1 Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_2 Gazelle-Clothes-Hanger-by-Gazel_ss_3


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