Unique Toy Design by Coolrain Lee

I really enjoy a well designed toy. Some action figures are so cool that anyone would proudly display them in the shelf, like these bad boys below… a fantastic set of toys designed by South Korean artist Coolrain Lee. Look at these! They’re so slick! You should totally check his Behance portfolio for more of these!

1d7fa8768370ddedcc6bf490a5b428cd 0fa89deccbaac525bc1e143fb41b287c 5ee4b27c7a191b0d38e62de68bc68b73 7fbf5eeef0e22ce12cf1b6b3f6f560a9 08a734dae9dedb311d02eae947f4dacd 1029bf843866dd3521e096d6ccccd959 1702d5645400614b50560671d1169833 2955b371fbccde07aec725081a2a4517 9142e66303a88077cef3eb4168c2d1cb 775745ff57451dd4631a64ab58ba3eb3 17c60aa2b560d2d52ab95c8d84dbf2f2 224d1db66631b2da4a34ec511e4d1561 e739958bfdabcb3cf5f8d06ed1c63bd5 8d5b99f1b6f221ad07dfae6a46f3f0b8 05b539308c3a74fbe1a5ec392e3c8a0c ce1d1e04ca861b294875974012c6e75d c67438f23e851e8ebadb50e7abd753e7 c39ae5655e2e672f54cd07894583889d b705e5514af598c6a51ed28bf140a1c1 b626d344ea453a2a8d38909544ff6d1b dc37714009c29cfc04af65222681644c dfa3db67d1a629bffde8c65f8eaaa089 f1e3ea3cbc17897d16416afd2f930e7d f2af7b46ef0ab834731b73abc09dcc2c


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