Steele point estate

We have featured some impressive properties for sale before, but none has impressed as much as this estate up for grabs in the British Virgin Islands. Named “Steele Point”, this unique property is perched upon a peninsula located on the very western tip of Tortola, an island surrounded by the most beautiful and crystal clear waters in the world. The structure is a dazzling triumph of architecture, it features several levels with patios, courtyards, indoor and alfresco dining areas, outdoor showers, balconies and docks, all scattered across the cliff, offering 360 degree unobstructed views of ocean and surrounding islands. It also includes a swimming pool and a private beach cove in the Cliffside.

steele-point-estate-tortola steele-point-estate-tortola-2 steele-point-estate-tortola-3 steele-point-estate-tortola-4 steele-point-estate-tortola-5 steele-point-estate-tortola-6 steele-point-estate-tortola-7 steele-point-estate-tortola-7-a steele-point-estate-tortola-8 steele-point-estate-tortola-9 steele-point-estate-tortola-10 steele-point-estate-tortola-11 steele-point-estate-tortola-12


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