Icon thriftmaster pickup truck


It seems as though ICON can do no wrong. When it comes to custom vehicles, these guys are really setting the bar high for other companies out there. After debuting their E-Flyer Electric Bike, the west coast design house is back with the equally beautiful ICON Thriftmaster Pickup Truck.

Based on an old school Chevrolet 3100 body, this vintage auto has been revamped and upgraded with plenty of modern  day technology. Powering the 2-door pickup is Magnuson supercharged 5.3 liter E-Rod V8 that pumps out 435 horsepower and 458 lb-ft of torque. There is a less powerful, non-supercharged version available (315 horsepower), but we prefer the supercharged offering. The Thriftmaster has been outfitted with an Art Morrison chassis, ABS, independent front suspension, fuor wheel disc brakes, LED lighting system, split bench seat wrapped in American bison, power windows and locks, and so much more.  Expect to spend around $250,000 for one of these beauties. [Purchase]

ICON-Thriftmaster-Pickup-Truck-2 ICON-Thriftmaster-Pickup-Truck-3 ICON-Thriftmaster-Pickup-Truck-4 ICON-Thriftmaster-Pickup-Truck-5 ICON-Thriftmaster-Pickup-Truck-6


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