Caricature Project by Lee Howell

Lee Howell has created a project entitled simply and elegantly, “Caricature Project.” He created the fun and funky project during the end of a final year studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College. The project captures and caricatures his fellow students and lecturers at the college. The caricatures were composited into a Trainspotting themed advertisement for the graduation exhibition of the students.

Lee Howell’s “Caricature Project” is a wholesome and heartfelt homage to his fellow students and teachers at the closing of his undergraduate student career. Funny, cheeky, exaggerated, and proud to be a part of the legacy of Edinburgh College, the project portrays the community of the graduating class with spunk and vigor.

As well as displaying the graduation exhibition poster and full color portrait style images of individual caricatures, Howell shares with us a series of before and after shots, where we can compare side by side images of the images to see exactly what magic is afoot and what features have been exaggerated, which gives us a feeling of why those features were chosen to begin with.

Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-1 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-2 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-3 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-4 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-5 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-6 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-7 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-8 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-9 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-10 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-11 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-12 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-13 Caricature-Project-by-Lee-Howell-14


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