This simple and sleek Silhouette light by M Parsons is a unique take on the light fixture as we know it. While we consider it lighting á la Dyson, this lamp has a sense of style that’s all its own. The lamp itself might be shaped like a bulb that’s come to be not so original these days, but the interesting applications and features are what make this piece so perfect for every situation.

Able to be wall mounted, hung, floor standing or ceiling suspended; this light fixture is a more modern interpretation of the first iteration that Edison refined over 100 years ago. The various uses for this one are almost infinite (as far as lamp applications go), and we are loving the different ways the Sihouette Lamp can be angled on a wall. A light filled bulb shaped halo emits the bright light by any means with this fixture.

Adaptive-Lightbulb-Shaped-Silhouette-Lamp-2 Adaptive-Lightbulb-Shaped-Silhouette-Lamp-3 Adaptive-Lightbulb-Shaped-Silhouette-Lamp-4


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