The futuristic Rebellion T-1000 Gotham watch is produced in a limited edition of 25 pieces

The Rebellion T-1000 mechanical masterpiece was first unveiled to the world at the Baselworld 2010 event. This year too, the same event will show case the T-1000 yet again, but in a special ‘Gotham’ edition makeover which will have only 25 unique pieces throughout the world. These limited edition pieces will be made available in different color options for the central movement which include natural and blackened titanium, blue, red, gold, and purple. The reason why these watches have been given their unique name, is the outstanding 1,000 hours of power reserve, derived from the 6 miniature barrels which form a core part of the movement. Eric Giroud is the man credited with designing the movement, and this unique timepiece, and the end result is here for all to see.


The main working mechanism is controlled via the 6 barrels bound together via the 2 finely tuned chains that bind them together, and help distribute the energy on a continuous basis with accuracy. The winding lever is an enlarged component of this mysterious movement, that the winding force is increased by more than 10 times the average of other mechanical movements. That is the reason why such high levels of energy get generated in a single winding, which results in the 1,000 hours of power reserve to run the engine of the watch with such accuracy.


Time on the watch is displayed via the 2 rollers on the main dial. The left displays the hours, whereas the right roller shows the minutes. They are caged beside the avional which as we mentioned before, can be availed in different shades of choosing. The core movement is made of 693 components in all, including the central barrel movement, which beats at 18,000 beats an hour. The casing of the watch is made from titanium, with the Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) treatment to give an unique finish.

rebellion_t_1000_gotham_limited_edition_watch_clasp_thdis rebellion_t_1000_gotham_limited_edition_watch_18r8t

The rear face of the watch will see an unique clasp with crafted and high gloss finished aluminum clasp, apart from the black alligator leather strap which will place the watch on the wearer’s wrist. Hopefully this rough and tough design can resist water till a depth of 50 metres, meaning the outdoors wont cause much harm to this horological masterpiece. For those that are looking for other samples of the master class watchmaking of the brand, do check out the REB5 tourbillion, and the REB7 tourbillion that followed.­


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