Manhattan Beach Residence by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Contemporary single family property located on the Manhattan Beach in California featuring beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Malibu coastline. It was designed by Rockefeller Partners Architects back in 2008.

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Description by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Located off a walk street with views of the Pacific Ocean and Malibu coastline, this residence is an exercise in careful space planning. Working within the confines of a narrow 30 x 90-foot envelope, the design team pushed the house to the limits of height, width, and depth, which left little perimeter space to satisfy the client’s desire for a garden.

The solution was to create an open green space in the center of the structure, at the ground floor level. On one side of this are the children’s rooms, on the other are the master bedroom and bath, which open to what has become an interior Zen garden.

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