Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Tourbillon destroys assault weapons and proudly flaunt it too

Luxury brand Fonderie 47 is associated with a unique cause for the development of Africa as a whole. The organization founded by actress Cara Buono’s husband, Peter Thum, with John Zapolski, of Fonderie 47creates luxury brand items, which then raise money for sponsoring destroyal of the widespread use for AK-47 rifles in Africa. And following which they use plates and metal from the recycled guns to create luxury items. We have previously seen their creations like the Roland Iten Ak-47 cufflinks for Fonderie 47 and the Philip Crangi earrings which are made from AK-47 gun metal . Their latest creation is the Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Tourbillon watch, which includes key design elements of the assault weapon, and also uses the steel present in them to create this master class timepiece. This comes as a part of the legacy which saw the Fonderie founder Peter Thum do the same for Ethos Water, which funded clean water supplies in different parts of Africa.


Adrian Glessing, the designer of the Inversion Principle tourbillon, was always looking to create a mechanism which would allow for the wearer to read time logically. He then had to combine the design with fine watchmaking traditions, usually associated with the Swiss art of horology. This then transferred on the innovative principle movement, which sits as the very centre of the engine of this watch


Deciphering the Inversion principle, 3-minute flying tourbillon orbits high above the movement, and dominates the three-dimensional dial, making it truly eye catching. Three second-hands, spaced perfectly 120° apart around the tourbillon cage, arc sedately across the seconds-scale above the tourbillon and ‘Fonderie 47′. The point to note is, that this tourbillon revolves at just 1/3 of the speed of a traditional 1-minute tourbillon. While only a single second-hand is visible at any time, the other two are hidden under the gold rifle-sight inspired frame set into the sapphire crystal, and their positions are revealed by blued screws joining the outer tourbillon cage and inner 3-arm hub.


The Fonderie 47 is indeed a limited edition creation, limited to a total of 20 pieces. 10 of these will be made in 18K rose gold, while the rest 10 will be in 18K white gold. Its major features can be summarized within some key elements such 240° retrograde minutes, quick set hour adjustment, and 6-day power reserve visible both on the saphhire crystal covered face and the rear end of the timepiece as well. The strapping is either brown or black alligator leather with matching case. However, no word on the price for the Fonderie 47 Inverse Principle watch as yet.


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