Transformers Classic Style Guide

Hasbro took us way back to the origins of their most powerful entertainment franchise when they engaged us to develop two consecutive licensing program style guide volumes for the “Classic” Transformers. Working from a library of imagery from Hasbro’s archives, we developed a variety of badge and pattern designs, drawing inspiration from current graphic design and pop cultural trends, vintage design trends from the ‘70’s, American WWII propaganda and Japanese movie posters. Color palettes and distressed textures, as well as graphic design and printing techniques from these varying time periods bring authenticity to this licensing program.

001-transformers-classic-style-guide 002-transformers-classic-style-guide 003-transformers-classic-style-guide 004-transformers-classic-style-guide 005-transformers-classic-style-guide 006-transformers-classic-style-guide 007-transformers-classic-style-guide 008-transformers-classic-style-guide 009-transformers-classic-style-guide 010-transformers-classic-style-guide 011-transformers-classic-style-guide 012-transformers-classic-style-guide 013-transformers-classic-style-guide 014-transformers-classic-style-guide 015-transformers-classic-style-guide 016-transformers-classic-style-guide


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