Swiss Heinz Julen Penthouse Chalet With Stunning Mountain Views

Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-1 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-2

Stunning Swiss Alps views aren’t the easiest to come by, but the Heinz Julen Penthouse is a great example of prime chalet real estate in the Zermatt village. Furnished and always ready as a rentable space, this chalet is located via the Omnia Hotel in the small Switzerland village.

A vast majority of the space only features neutral palettes and light, knotty woods. A portion of the living space features pops of black modular sofa pieces. Full floor to ceiling glazed panels are in the public area that comes equipped with a window set fireplace. An in home sauna, fitness room and three private terraces also take a part in the 4 bedroom, 2,800 square foot space. A great perk to staying in luxury? Your nightly fees also include prepared meals.

Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-3 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-4 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-5 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-6 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-7 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-8 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-9 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-10 Swiss-Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet-With-Stunning-Mountain-Views-11


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