Shwood Stone Sunglasses


The last time we heard from Shwood, they were making some pretty amazing wooden sunglasses. Now the company is moving to another natural element. Shwood’s Stone Collection ($295+) includes two styles — the Wayfarer-esque Canby and the vintage-y Belmont — that are made with real slate stone that’s fused with birch wood to create a pair of shades that can truly be called ruggedly handsome. They’re limited to 200 pairs, and ship in a few weeks.

wood_sunglasses_stone_can_wht_grypol1_1024x1024 wood_sunglasses_stone_can_wht_grypol_1024x1024 wood_sunglasses_stone_can_blk_grypol1_1024x1024 wood_sunglasses_stone_can_blk_grypol_1024x1024 shwood_leather_case_8739990_grande_1_1024x1024


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