Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 Cognac will Retail for $23,000

remy_martin_louis_xiii_rare_cask_426_cognac_dh261 louis_xiii_rare_cask_426_12_ztzjm louis_xiii_rare_cask_426_3_libzo

When it comes to the ‘connoisseur category’ of cognacs, Remy Martin Louis XIII occupies a very special place in the hearts of collectors, who swear by the rare beverage’s unique qualities. To keep the wealthy drinkers in tow, Remy Martin has created special edition bottles in the past, and the lucky few indeed picked them up at the least opportunity they get. The Black Pearl Magnum, Le Jeroboam decanter, and Rémy Martin Diamant Fine Champagne Cognac are just some of the elite editions we saw in the past. Now the Rare Cask 42.6, named after the 42.6% alcohol content of the beverage has been released in the market. The price tag on each of them is $23,000, and only 738 such decanters will ever be available for sale.

louis_xiii_rare_cask_426_1_zlgj5 louis_xiii_rare_cask_426_2_ledwr

Like each decanter appears here, the craftsmanship is just by far, what one would expect from a brand of this stature. 20 experts were involved in creating each of these Baccarat crystal decanters, which have been given a 24K rose gold ring at the neck, with labeling done across it. After that, each of them decanters has been fitted with a black crystal stopper, much in tune with the rest of the aesthetics of the bottle. What makes Louis XIII the rarest, and perhaps one of the most coveted of beverages in all of its categories, is that ingredients have been sourced from the Grande Champagne region in France. 1,200 eaux-de-vie have been blended uniquely, before being aged for well over a century in special casks called ‘tiercons’. The cellar master takes exclusive care to ensure that the blend is perfectly matched in all of the decanters to keep the quality standards to the mark, and retain the original flavors as intended. According to tasters, the cognac is known to have notes of plums and dates, with tingling flavors of gingerbread, prune stone and ginger, ending with a touch of tobacco leaf flavor. The availability of the decanter ‘1’ to ‘738’ will restrict to elite boutiques of the brand in London, from this June onwards. However later in the year, by September, the rest of the numbered decanters will be available to be picked up by the target elite group of buyers. Udaipur, one of India’s last surviving royal families, welcomed the beverage in the country where the sale will begin later in the year. Befitting for something of such royal heritage, it is perhaps time for the rich drinkers to get themselves one of these jewels.

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