Reebok Classic x Keith Haring Foundation Footwear Collection Drop 2

A few weeks ago we gave you an exclusive in-depth preview of the Reebok Classic x Keith Haring Foundation’s first drop and now we’re happy to present the second drop in the colorful footwear collection. Set to release April 1st, three new sneakers including the Classic Leather Mid Lux, Freestyle Hi, and Workout Plus make their way into the ongoing collaboration.

The Classic Leather Mid Lux features Haring’s iconic Antic Everyman icons flow molded and positioned on the shoe’s upper, adding dimensions and depth to the silhouette. The Freestyle Hi features a bold red, white, and black colorway and a mixture of high density screen printing and direct embroidery to give the shoe added richness and depth. A similar technique has been used to embellish the Workout Plus.

The result is an extensive collection that combine’s the prolific street artist’s most recognized art with Reebok Classic’s most celebrated models. As Todd Krinsky, VP of Reebok Classic puts it, “This collection, and our partnership with the Keith Haring Foundation, allows us to re-imagine the artwork of this ground-breaking genius through a new medium that will appeal not only to his greatest fans but also introduce Haring to a new audience.”

An official launch for the second drop of the Reebok Classic x Keith Haring Foundation footwear collection will take place in Japan from April 5th – April 7th, featuring an exhibition of original Haring art pieces and selected works from the Nakamura Keith Haring Museum.VERBAL, Reebok Classics Asia Creative Director, and other guest DJs will perform at an invitation only launch party.

reebok-x-keith-haring-foundation-footwear-collection-part-ii-01-630x420 reebok-x-keith-haring-foundation-footwear-collection-part-ii-02-630x420 reebok-x-keith-haring-foundation-footwear-collection-part-ii-03-630x420 reebok-x-keith-haring-foundation-footwear-collection-part-ii-04-630x420 reebok-x-keith-haring-foundation-footwear-collection-part-ii-05-630x420 reebok-x-keith-haring-foundation-footwear-collection-part-ii-06-630x420


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