Nandana Resort in the Bahamas

Looking for the perfect exotic vacation? Take a look at the marvelous Nandana Resort in the Bahamas. It is designed by de Reus Architects in the style of an Asian beach resort. It is composed of five Villa Suites located around a central Main Hall. The main materials used for the construction of the suites are natural materials with limestone covered exteriors, copper roofs, Burmese teak used on the interior floors, walls and ceilings as well as much of the exterior. Indeed the Nandana Resort in the Bahamas is the dream vacation!

Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-19 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-01 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-02 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-03 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-04 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-10 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-05 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-06 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-07 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-08 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-09 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-11 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-12 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-13 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-14 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-15 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-16 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-17 Nandana-Resort-in-the-Bahamas-18


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