Contemporary Sam’s Creek Residence in New York

Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-1 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-2 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-3 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-4

The design team at Bates Masi Architects were commissioned by a client that runs a successful public relations agency to design this stunning home back in 2011.

The contemporary residence is nestled along the sprawling green flats of Bridgehampton, New York, and relies heavily on the use of mahogany boards not only through the interior of the property, but also adorning the facade as well ensuring the residence does not disrupt nature. The entire walls are constructed from glass to allow plenty of natural light to enter the property, while also providing an almost transparent feel while viewing the home from the front. A beautiful swimming pool and pool house out back complete the dwelling.

Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-5 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-6 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-7 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-8 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-9 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-10 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-11 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-12 Contemporary-Sams-Creek-Residence-in-New-York-13


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