Who Knew that Disposable Plates Could be Stylishly Designed? Biodegradable TableWare by Wasara


Have you seen what the kids are eating their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches off of these days?  I have fond memories of hot summer days eating lunch sandwiches from the classic round paper plates with ruffled edges. Those plates were great! Except that they stuck together…. and they were kinda ugly… and I threw away about a bazillion into landfills from ages 5 to 13. Ahh, yes… the 90s.  The Millennial kids are better than that. They are growing up in an age where people are environmentally aware and design conscious (hopefully).  Wasara has reinvented the ‘disposable’ paper plate with their collection of beautiful AND biodegradable tableware bringing us a tad closer to lifestyle perfection.

Wasara6-600x401 wasara5

This paper plate is hardly paper. Wasara is produced tree-free from bamboo, reed pulp, and bagasse (a sugarcane waste product which is typically burned). This modern material combination is 100% biodegradable, ASTM D-6400 certified, and is a perfect addition to your home composting system. No scraping plates after this dinner party!

What I love most about the Wasara Tableware objects is that they have an incredible rare design aesthetic as a result of their material properties. How many other design objects could be made of ultra-thin paper? Fine China has had a huge impact on how our culture perceives dinnerware: Thin is fragile. Fragile objects are rare. Rare is exclusive. Exclusive is incredibly desirable. The most uncomfortable aspect of this tableware is how attainable it is. Items in the Wasara collection cost around $1-1.50 per piece. I feel like I’m cheating! Now, I’m not sure Grandma would appreciate a set of paper dishes as much as she would appreciate the real-deal bone china, but, when I inherit that china cabinet I’ll be investing in some Wasara! (Sorry Grandma, I am a modern man).

What l like least about the Wasara objects is that I have to throw them away when I’m finished. They are temporal design objects that passively teach the user about value, loss, and sustainability. An educational lifestyle tool. What more could you ask for from an object used to hold your peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

wasara4-600x399 wasara2 wasara1-600x598 wasara10


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