NiceFuckingT-Shirts Packaging

NiceFuckingGraphics!, Latinamerica’s most important and influential graphic design & illustration blog, has just released its first series of t-shirts entitled: “The NiceFuckingT-Shirts”.  Eight different models were designed by top of the game designers and illustrators, such as: GM Meave, Buque, Golpeavisa!, Hey Pogo, Chika Galaxia, El Grand Chamaco & Mulheres Barbadas (Brasil).

All t-shirts are printed by hand on American Apparel products using premium materials to achieve an ultra-soft feel.

All products are packaged in super cool special edition cans that you won’t dare to throw away!

Price: $ 22 USD

nicefuckingtshirts_packaging_11-650x434 nicefuckingtshirts_packaging_21-650x434 nicefuckingtshirts_packaging_51-650x434 packaging_art1-650x299 all1-650x628


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