Holy Shriiimp! The Bible vol.1

Shriiimp_2013_Book-LR-650x896 Shriiimp_2013_Book-LR9-650x448

Shriiimp™, the reference website of “Graffiti on Girls” offers a ‘best-of’ book of its finest pictures. Since 2005, shriiimp.com has showcased the work of artists doing graffiti on the female body. Far from being a joke or an epiphenomenon, Shriiimp™ now rallies a community of more than 30,000 fans and features over 10,000 photos that have been individually approved for publishing (only a fraction of the total images that have been submitted). As the ‘world reference’ of this form of body art, the site has reached peaks of over a million page views per month and the phenomenon is so widespread that the word “Shriimped” has passed into common language of the worlds audience. Beyond the undeniable sexy and playful aspects of the art form, the artists featured in Holy Shriiimp, The Bible Vol. 1, have created truly elaborate productions with choice sets, make-up artists, photographers, not to mention that the work itself may take several hours to complete. First anecdote, the Shriiimp™ movement has taken a step to be recognized as an artistic outlet. The productions are gaining scale and work has left the amateur field to strengthen this innovative art movement. Artists are now from all around the world (Brazil, Russia, USA, Australia, France, Spain…).

Shriiimp_2013_Book-LR361-650x448 Shriiimp_2013_Book-LR342-650x448 Shriiimp_2013_Book-LR42-650x448


“Pocket” size (14,5 x 20 cm / 5.7 x 7.9 in), 112 pages + cover, Limited prints run 1500

When I started Shriiimp™ in 2005 I never imagined it would take off as it did, or that there would be such a craze for it. The basic concept is very simple: most graffiti artists, including myself, have already painted on their girlfriends. Hence my idea to launch shriimp.com the first, the one and only website totally dedicated to graffiti on girls. Over the years the site has grown in popularity to a current community of over 60,000 fans and more than 10,000 photos posted (and just as many not approved) by members from all over the world. With peaks of one million web pages viewed per month! The present book contains a selection of the best works from some of the most active artists.
Vince Prawns, Owner


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