Trees With Tresses and Fancy Coiffures: An Illustration Project by Jonny Glover

A new haircut can completely transform someone, making them unrecognizable at a glance. These hairstyle drawings are so amazing, you might not even realize they’re on trees! Well I guess that’s pretty obvious, but what a clever concept by illustrator Jonny Glover. From pigtails to dreadlocks, bowl cuts to bobs, afros, and everything in between, this London, UK-based artist has come up with a series as hilarious as it is well-executed. When leaves become locks, Glover will have you imagining new hairdos every time you see a tree. The Trees With Haircuts pictures shown here were commissioned by “Portuguese masters of the haircut, Hairport.” Although his official website is temporarily under construction, you can see more work by Jonny Glover on Behance. You can also follow him on Twitter to stay up to date with his latest news, including the launch of his re-vamped site.

1-Trees-With-Haircuts 2-Trees-With-Haircuts 3-Trees-With-Haircuts 4-Trees-With-Haircuts 5-Trees-With-Haircuts 6-Trees-With-Haircuts 7-Trees-With-Haircuts 8-Trees-With-Haircuts 9-Trees-With-Haircuts 10-Trees-With-Haircuts 11-Trees-With-Haircuts 12-Trees-With-Haircuts


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