Shawn Carter x Hublot Classic Fusion Watch

Two years ago Jay Z subtly called our attention to a forthcoming project, saying “new watch alert, Hublots” on Kanye’s Otis — now the wait is over, the Shawn Carter x Hublot Classic Fusion Watch ($18,000-$34,000) is here. This limited-edition collaboration comes in two variations: a black ceramic piece limited to 250, and a yellow gold piece limited to 100 (the more costly of the two). Both watches feature a 90-hour power reserve, water resistance down to 50 meters, self-winding movement, and a sapphire crystal. And, they were designed by Mr. Carter himself, so, there’s that.

shawn-carter-hublot-classic-fusion-watch-xl ShawnCarterByHublot-2 ShawnCarterByHublot-3 ShawnCarterByHublot-5 ShawnCarterByHublotBlackCeramic-2 ShawnCarterByHublotBlackCeramic-9 ShawnCarterByHublotBlackCeramic-13 ShawnCarterByHublotYellowGold-1 ShawnCarterByHublotYellowGold-8 ShawnCarterByHublotYellowGold-17


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