Built Around a Vertical Sculpture Gallery: Totem House in Toronto

Have a look at the way this modern residence was integrated in its environment! Designed by Reza Aliabadi [rzlbd], the Totem House in Toronto, Canada has a total surface of 1600 square feet and is aimed at providing an original living space for a couple of passionate travelers. Developing the residence has its roots in a simple geometrical obsession with squares and grids: “Starting with ten 10’ x 10’ squares carefully assembled on the linear site, logical modules were then dedicated to essential rooms in the house. The squares not only define the interior rooms, but they also formulate the boundaries of the backyard patio, the landscape, the parking area and the covered entry to the house”, explained the architects. The name of the residence-Totem House- refers to a a vertical gallery that exhibits the owners’ souvenirs from around the world. This special centerpiece was entitled “the Tower” and is encircled by a an open window staircase, allowing views from many perspectives as one moves from one level to the next.

Photographs: Courtesy of Borxu Design

architecture-project-house-Borxu design-project-house-Borxu interior-house-Borxu project-house project-house-Borxu-3 project-house-Borxu-4 project-house-Borxu-6 project-house-Borxu-7


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