Amazing Body Paintings from World Body Painting Festival

est and Beautiful body paintings : World Body painting Festival was established in 1998, it developed into the World Awards for Body and Facepainting Artists. Since 1998 the world’s most colourful event has taken place every year in Austria. The “World Bodypainting Festival” is the biggest art event in the bodypainting theme and ten thousands of visitors admire the wonderful work of the participants. Aritsts from 40 nations worldwide come to this unique event and put body art into the mountain and lake scenery. I hope you like these body paintings

t-bodypai best-body-painting-work-tiger 24-body-painting-animals-frog.preview 21-body-painting 20-body-painting 19-body-painting 22-body-painting-camouflage.preview 26-body-painting.preview 25-body-painting funny-creative-makeup.preview 18-body-painting 17-body-painting 16-body-painting 15-creative-body-painting- 14-body-painting-animals 13-body-painting-animals Paintloon_Dress_Bodypainting.jpg 11-beautiful-body-painting- 10-best-body-painting 9-best-body-painting 4-body-painting-pop-up 5-body-painting 6-body-painting-cartoon 8-body-painting 7-body-painting 3-body-painting-snake 2-body-painting 1-body-painting-advertisement-breast-cancer


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