Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk- Turn It Into a Celebrity like Artist Vivi Mac

Vivi-Mac-1-600x450 Vivi-Mac-2-600x450 Vivi-Mac-3-milk-600x450 Vivi-Mac-4-caramel-600x450

If you’ve ever thought that it’s too late to do something you’ve always wanted to- let this story be an inspiration to change your mind. With no formal art training, Vivi Mac is now a freelance artist. She has used blogs and Facebook to teach herself how to create portraits on paper and has now translated her knowledge to unique mediums of painting. Using a straw and liquids like milk, caramel sauce, and rum she has cleverly created celebrity portraits speed paintings. Appropriately titled Art Ephemere for their brief, transitory nature (since most are food items), her paintings are shockingly easy to recognize. Check out the collection here and see Vivi Mac in action as she paints French hip hop star Demi Portion out of milk in the video below. Then show her some love on Facebook, where you can see more of her imaginative creations.

Vivi-Mac-5-Mona-Lisa-barbecue-sauce-600x450 Vivi-Mac-6-Yoda-chewing-gum-600x450 Vivi-Mac-7-Captain-Jack-Sparrow-rum-600x337 Vivi-Mac-8-Bob-Marley-cannabis-leaves-600x469 Vivi-Mac-9-Snoop-Dogg-cannabis-600x573 Vivi-Mac-10-Ice-Cube-ice-cubes-600x450 Vivi-Mac-11-Obama-Sugar-Cane-600x450 Vivi-Mac-12-Nelson-Mandela-milk-600x420


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