Nike Tech Fleece by Jonathan Kim

Nike Tech Fleece is an innovative new line of sportswear that merges lightweight fabric with polyester spacers. This allows heat to be trapped, creating warmth without the extra weight. A handful of designers and I researched the process of the garment being made as well as the technology involved in handling this unique fabric. To control the intricate build of the strands I had the pleasure of leading a team of superstar 3d artists to build the entire garment using cloth simulations. We wanted to make sure the machine building this fabric was just as unique as the product. We referenced our favorite sci-fi films as well as modern architects to design a one-of-a-kind Nike loom to generate the build of our hero hoodie.

47141e0acd9e231a83b466d2a934de4a 109d695e3720448adec36e12f57cc681 05fa6181aa0e150036c1bf906bd95cb9 5ab48b0f6d502b5ae1173c2bafb4c1b8 5a474e475846cc93189b70f6ad8d70ab f8d44790bd9e1959ebe356667999620f f8ae48755db23ccee97abaa7c1a2c371 111216eae9841f767857b3ef21c4c527 0a445a06ad15f54f9e6efa1a30abb5a6 abb96bb3d5ec786bdae070875dbab1b4 3e7accfa4033e807da8faad589a5f64e


Link on Behance


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