A Fascinating Design Project: St Mary’s Infant School in UK

architecture-infant-school design-Saint-Marys-infant-school exterior-Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects

Jessop and Cook Architects completed the design for a new foundation stage classroom with an additional teaching space for a Grade II listed Victorian property in a Gothic Revival style. The UK project also included the demolition of the existing canteen building. An exciting and engaging learning environment which would enhance the children’s school experience was the main objective behind the reconstruction. According to the architects, “buff brickwork was used as the primary external surface material for the main build remaining sympathetic to the conservation area whilst creating a contemporary stand alone project. The three main elements of the project are spread linearly through the building and staggered to create three distinctive sections to the built form and thus creating multiple roof pitches that reflect the shape of the main school“. A covered external play area adds up to the design, the portal frame shingles providing a warm environment for the children.

Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-3 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-4 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-5 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-6 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-7 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-9 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-10 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-11 Saint-Marys-infant-school-jessop-cook-architects-12


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