Recycled Comic Books Become Superheroes- No Paint or Markers Involved

What do you get for that comic book enthusiast who has everything? Mike Alcantara has the answer. The master collage artist has been creating bad a$$ images of all the best Marvel and DC Comics characters out of nothing but recycled comic books and glue. It’s almost unfathomable that these images are entirely collage- without any drawing or painting utensils, but it’s true. Alcantara finds the perfect pieces of comic book for every section of his awesome work.

From Superman to Doctor Who, Alcantara can satisfy any comic craving with these bachelor pad staples. See work by this Austin, Texas-based artist on deviantart. Get your own print or original on Etsy and show Mike Alcantara some love by liking Comic Collage Art on Facebook.

1-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x1212 2-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x597 3-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x297 4-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x448 5-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x795 6-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x1233 7-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x292 8-Comic-Book-Collages-By-Mike-Alcantara-600x1209


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