Whether you’re a dynamic individual who loves to be surrounded by high-tech gadgets, or an ordinary person whose main desire is to have one simple item that has huge, useful features, the I’m Watch SmartWatch is perfect for you. This item brings all smart functionalities right onto your wrist – literally. In a wider scope, the I’m Watch SmartWatch is pretty similar with Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari Watch,Cookoo Bluetooth 4.0 Watch and Sony MN2SW SmartWatch. The only difference is that it is equipped with more features and advanced technological systems



Features: I’m Watch SmartWatch

As a marvel of modern electronics, the I’m Watch SmartWatch signifies attention to detail and intricacy. From the product blueprint to the materials used, every element is plainly stunning. This also showcases a long list of features fit for every side of you. It enables you to communicate with your Smartphone, download useful applications and lets you stay on the path of your fashion statement. And the best thing of all, the I’m Watch SmartWatch is a user-friendly gadget that spares you from those crossed eyebrows.

Looks and functionality

In terms of design and appearance, we would want to highlight the materials used to create this sleek product. All watches are made with 1.55″ colored screen, 240×240 resolution, with Sapphire glass finish and full-touch feature. It’s also equipped with 3.5mm jack for your headset. The Color Collection specifically, is made with an aluminum body. This is available in 7 different strap colors. The Tech Collection comes with titanium body while the Jewel Collection features raw materials including diamond, gold and silver.

Basically, I’m Watch SmartWatch is an android-based smart watch. It lets you see calls, SMS’s and emails you receive on your Smartphone. It also allows you to check you appointments on your Smartphone calendar. Equipped with the world’s most advanced operating system – I’m Droid 2 – this product intelligently works using tethering connection to the Smartphone. It can connect to Wifi and hotspots, download applications, connect to social networking sites, support healthy living with the help of integrated Bluetooth technology and it lets you enjoy the comfort of music.

Performance and quality

Once you get your I’m Watch SmartWatch, you would want to go to their website, create an account and download essential applications. Once you’re done with that, simply turn the Bluetooth on for both the watch and your Smartphone and sync anything and everything you want to include in your watch. During the sync process, both gadgets also connect with each other, which mean if you receive calls or messages on your phone, the I’m Watch SmartWatch will automatically notify you. With calls, you can swipe it to answer or reject or you can shake your wrist for voicemail option.

Facebook and Twitter are only two of the many fun applications you can have right at your wrist. Aside from social media, this watch also connects with health-related sensors like pedometers and the famous Heart rate monitor Zephyr.

Point to consider

It is wise to recognize the fact that not all applications are free. Although they don’t cost a lot, the fact still remains that payment is necessary. Hence, before jumping out of joy and getting over-excited with the cool features, better check the prices first.

Overall view: I’m Watch SmartWatch

At a retail price of $300, I’m Watch SmartWatch is probably one of the best-buy gadgets out there. The features are just impeccable and the quality is indisputable. So if you’re up for the next gadget of your life, you might just want to consider the I’m Watch SmartWatch.

Im-Watch-SmartWatch-5-362x386 im-Watch-Smartwatch-1-569x302 Im-Watch-SmartWatch-3-373x386


Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 70 grams
  • 4G memory card
  • 1.55″ sapphire glass touch-screen
  • I’m Droid 2 advanced smart watch operating system
  • Smart tethering

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