Often when we hear about etching a car’s paint it’s usually done with keys as the retaliation of an angry girlfriend for the lies or mistreatment of her ex-boyfriend, but Shawn Lisjackshows that carving can be much more artistic! The LA based artist, who calls his company Exotic Engravings has done work for high-paying clients like Jay Leno and the owner of the Lakers using all Dremelequipment. The Honda Civic pictured here took Lisjack 6,000 hours and is still incomplete! Lisjack upgraded the 92′ Civic with custom carbon fibre parts and sprayed it with a white primer before applying the black topcoat to make the engraving really stand out. He included Monster and Dremel logos which suggests he may have had some funding for this project. Every inch of the car is covered in unique designs. Can you find where Waldo is? This car is the first of it’s kind, but Lisjack is far from finished; he still has more engraving to do, then plans on adding color to make the designs pop more, and of course he will need a protective coat to protect all of his hard work! You can follow Lisjack on Twitter to see the finished product as soon as it’s complete.

1-Shawn-Lisjack-600x384 2-Shawn-Lisjack-600x398 4-Shawn-Lisjack-600x398 3-Shawn-Lisjack-600x382 6-Shawn-Lisjack 5-Shawn-Lisjack-600x350 8-Shawn-Lisjack-600x800 7-Shawn-Lisjack-600x800 10-Shawn-Lisjack-600x398 9-Shawn-Lisjack 11-Shawn-Lisjack-600x450


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