Although it’s a classic optical trick employed by the masters of old, anamorphic art has seen a major resurgence of interest lately. Long before the recent trend, however, Paris based artistBernard Pras was creating room filling art pieces which at first look to be obsessively arranged piles of junk – step into the right place however and you are treated to a replication of a classic painting or famous portrait.

In the portrait of Malian actor Sotigui Kouyate above, we see a fantastically realistic image when photographed from the right angle… closely inspected it is made of hanging shirts, driftwood, and at least one oil lamp.

Pras graduated from Beaux-arts de Toulouse in 1974 and has since been creating artworks around the world. In the early 1980s he developed an engraving technique he called Aquagravure, and in the 1994 began arranging objects in a style reminiscent of paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Later, he translated this style into the 3D anamorphic form we see in his work today. You can see many more of his pieces, from portraits of Marilyn Monroe to recreated paintings by Claude Monet, at

Bernard-Pras-3 Bernard-Pras-4 Bernard-Pras-5 Bernard-Pras-6 Bernard-Pras-1 Bernard-Pras-2 Bernard-Pras-8 Bernard-Pras-7 Bernard-Pras-10 Bernard-Pras-9 Bernard-Pras-12 Bernard-Pras-11 Bernard-Pras-13


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