futuristic TET city car by Chao Gao

Futuristic TET City Car has been designed for both private and public use. The swing door style is hoped to attract new demand of young and modern generations. It’s a convertible car where the door also functions as structures for the canvas if passengers prefer to have some privacy. The work table at the rear can also be folded flat and combined with the back seat to form a nice bed. Equipped with futuristic dashboard, it looks like an interesting concept car.

tet-city-car-by-chao-gao1 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao3 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao2 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao4 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao5 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao8 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao7 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao10 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao11 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao12 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao9 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao13 tet-city-car-by-chao-gao6


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